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A loan from private investors is becoming a lifeline for more and more borrowers in need. How did this boom come about? Who are the people on the personal loan portals, what drives their actions and what are the opportunities? Read for a critique

Loan from private investors – a booming European industry

Loan from private investors - a booming European industry

Credit from private investors is booming. The reasons for this extend far beyond the national borders of Germany. The banking system is being renovated across Europe. A gigantic supervisory authority for credit is being created under the roof of the bank. With key interest rates, far below the inflation equalization, the ECB reaches into the pocket of the savers. A savings book hardly generates more interest than “Grandma’s famous pillow”. Savings credit loses purchasing power every day.

Germany started with the agenda policy. In the meantime, the “anti-social reform program” has become an unpopular export hit. The result is a decline in income, pensions and pensions everywhere. The security requirements of the banking industry, bad loans from the USA were the start of the crisis, are constantly increasing. There is an emergency on both sides, investors and borrowers. The population is increasingly no longer provided with loans. Inflation is robbing investors of their savings. The personal loan platforms offer both sides a fair solution to the problem.

Who uses the offers for personal loans, what are the advantages?

Who uses the offers for personal loans, what are the advantages?

Again both sides have to be seen. The private loan offers investors a fair return on capital with a high level of credit security. Not everyone looking for a personal loan is a delinquent payer. Most of them are completely at fault in the credit crunch. Investors who judge the financial situation of the borrower with some sensitivity can practically not lose their money. Small sub-plants also reduce the risk.

The advantages of borrowers are also clear. The loan from private investors is decoupled from the legal requirements for lending. Convincing a private investor is easier than tackling the bulwark of credit rules. A pension that is too low, even Hartz 4 income, can be enough to be creditworthy for the personal loan.

A frequent change of sides can also be observed. Investors become borrowers for their own projects, borrowers become investors.

Credit opportunities through personal loans

Credit opportunities through personal loans

The portals ensure a high level of transparency. Various certificates allow you to disclose your personal financial situation. No investor has to “blindly” risk his capital. The personal pre-selection based on the certificates ensures security.

The portals also offer the professional processing of successful lending. Everything is done in the background to make the credit history as smooth as possible for borrowers and investors.

The boom in the industry proves the opportunities that private investors have for both sides.

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